Fox Sports

Fox Sports is a major broadcaster of NFL (National Football League) games in the United States. The network has a long-standing partnership with the NFL, providing extensive coverage of the league through various programs and platforms.

Fox Sports’ NFL coverage includes a variety of programming, such as:

  1. “NFL on Fox”: Fox Sports airs NFL games on Sundays during the regular season as part of its NFL coverage. This includes regional games broadcast to specific markets and national games that are broadcast to a wider audience.
  2. “Fox NFL Sunday”: This is Fox Sports’ pre-game show that airs on Sunday mornings during the NFL season. It features analysis, commentary, and discussions about the upcoming games, along with interviews and features.
  3. “Fox NFL Kickoff”: A pre-game show that airs on Sunday mornings before “Fox NFL Sunday,” providing additional analysis and discussion leading up to the day’s games.
  4. “Fox NFL Thursday”: In addition to its Sunday coverage, Fox Sports also broadcasts Thursday Night Football games during the NFL season. These games are part of the NFL’s Thursday Night Football package.
  5. “Fox NFL Playoff Coverage”: Fox Sports broadcasts NFL playoff games, including Wild Card games, Divisional Round games, and Conference Championship games, leading up to the Super Bowl.
  6. “Fox Super Bowl Coverage”: Fox Sports broadcasts the Super Bowl on a rotating basis with other networks. The network provides extensive coverage of the Super Bowl, including pre-game shows, halftime analysis, and post-game coverage.

In addition to these programs, Fox Sports also offers digital platforms, including the Fox Sports app and Fox Sports website, which provide live streaming of NFL games, highlights, analysis, and additional content for subscribers.

Overall, Fox Sports is a key destination for NFL fans, providing comprehensive coverage of the league through its television networks and digital platforms.